Only use enough power for the contact in progress, high power is just QRM to other users. 

Listen before using the frequency and ask if it is in use !

 Control the size and quality of your picture transmissions by using the jp2 compression , remember a large image is not necessarily a good one 

Call "CQ DIGI SSTV"  . do not tx on a frequency with a QSO in progress unless invited to do so.

Before transmitting. turn off the CW ident in EasyPal its driving us all mad and we know who you are as you are transmitting your call in the DRM stream

Understand how QAM and Mode effect your transmission in time and robustness depending on the band you use.

 Understand how to use RS encode effectively for the QSO in progress . it is NOT for the purpose of BROADCASTING  pictures to the entire universe in RS4 etc.  

Broadcasting and not being in a QSO is generally not allowed in your licensing condition unless you are the BBC or similar.

When a DRM transmission ends, allow sufficient time for any BSR's to be sent 

Dont :- send pictures that may offend others ( porn etc )

Contests !!! dont go there .

Analogue and DRM dont mix so avoid analogue sstv and if you are an analogue operator please avoid preferred digital frequencies

In Europe the preferred digital frequencies are 3.733 / 3.736 / 3.739 / 7.173 / 14.233

Use the video streams

If you are reading this you are aware there are a number of live video streams of DRM on this site and others , so try observing what's going on in your part of the world and of others that you may interfere with by monitoring the streams and being aware of overlapping propagation patterns and transmissions.

The ability to do this in past was impossible but the internet and a dedicated few radio amateurs are trying to help you and others be more successful in the future.