Hello and welcome to G4XGT's live DRM SSTV web cam page. I hope you enjoy the pictures I receive using "EasyPal" . I am located ten miles north west of Cambridge IO92XH. This page has been created to promote the use of SSTV for amateur radio by providing a propagation indicator creating an interest in the co-existance of radio on the internet . if you have any comments or wish a link inserted please email me , 73 John ..... This page is best viewed in 1440x900 resolution


My live    Video Web Cam

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My last TX pictures  


My RX images

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All picture and animations above have been received using  EasyPal  By Erik VK4AES  the latest free download is available here from  VK4AES

You can see Erik VK4AES on YouTube giving a talk on EasyPal part 1 here  anyone know where part 2 is ??  

Most local pictures are received on 80 metrs but some on other bands typically 20 or 10 when conditions are good.

to receive and or transmit pictures you need :-

  A Radio suitable for HF receive and transmit 3 to 30 megs or so with ssb capability

The software from VK4AES

An interface between radio and computer with isolation transformers to protect your radio and pc and provide isolation

 .A computer ( yes I know you have one )

Its as simple as that. Just open and run EasyPal in its own folder and play !

You dont need but might find handy( thanks Erik ) XnView  and its plugins for picture manipulation ( its free ) 

Having created these pages over many years please note > Copyright protected@2009

if you must copy my site please ask first.....